Stevie Shae
deserves to have the spotlight permanently fixed on her curvaceous body. As you can see, Stevie's bod is as smokin' hot as they come: her big tits are a perfect mouthful, her stomach is flat and toned, and her butt is plump and juicy. Her favorite kinds of shoots are features, big productions with make-up and unique costumes, especially when they take her deep into the California deserts. That said, she's always down to worship a big cock on a small production, or have her plump butt and toned gym-body rubbed and teased like in her wet and wild Dirty Masseur scene. In her off time, Stevie blows off steam at the gym and relaxes with spa days and her own homemade facials. She's also a great cook, and loves to slave all day in the kitchen to set a big, bountiful spread for her friends. Stevie shot her first porn video at the ripe old age of 19, and her natural beauty made her an instant hit in the teen category (it also made her perfect for couples porn like you'll see on Babes). No matter the size of the cock you throw at her, Stevie delights in deepthroating it tip to tail.
San Jose, California
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