Taylor Vixen
Hi, I'm Taylor Vixen your March Treat of the Month at Twistys! I feel honored, I have always loved the site, all the girls are beautiful here, and I am lucky to be one of them! I'm 27 and from Texas. Ending up in porn is pretty crazy for Texas people, but I am loving every moment of it! One thing that makes me happy is my loving Texas family. Even though I hail from the Lone Star state, I think I'd love to live in Australia, because I love it there, and I love the accents! The story of how I got into the business is funny: I was living in Texas and sent my photos to a couple of photographers and booked my own work. Then I shot for Hustler, and I got 4 covers alone with them, then I got 40th anniversary Penthouse Pet, and then Pet of the Year, and now Twistys Treat of the Month!! It all came so fast. =) A typical day in my life would be wake up, brush my teeth, watch some Two and Half Men, work on content for my site, eat, masturbate, take a shower, fall asleep watching some Saved By the Bell. The best way to spend a day is fucking all afternoon though. Qualities I look for in a sexual partner are definitely someone who's confident and can dominate me. What I look for in a man is someone nerdy, dark hair... and someone that doesn't need me, but wants me. In women I like someone very good with her hands... very passionate. In a romantic partner I look for someone sweet, trusting and all about me. I love all my fans, you're so sweet and giving with great compliments, I am lucky to have you all! Love,
Texas, United States
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